Quality Policy

As an ISO9001:2008 certified company, Evergreen has established a strict and scientific quality management system. Evergreen adopts international advanced quality management methods to carry out comprehensive quality management. The company has set up a quality management team which is responsible for gearing Evergreen’s quality system to ISO9001:2008 standards, maintaining, improving, guiding and supervising quality management in Evergreen’s various departments. 

Commitment to Quality
We promise to provide our clients with original goods by manufacturers with original packaging.
Since establishment, Evergreen has been dedicated to providing clients with reliable quality electronic components. Our ISO9001 certified management system ensures effective quality management of our entire operating procedure from supplier qualification, to material inspection, to warehousing, and to logistics, in a bid to honor our commitment to quality. 

Quality Control Procedure
Supplier qualification
Under a strict and mature supplier management system in which all suppliers have been graded based on their scale of operation, business competence and trading history, Evergreen can make sure that its clients receive the best possible electronic components. The in-depth grasp of suppliers enables Evergreen to find its clients reliable goods resources even at a time when the goods are in the most urgent demand on the market.
Professional staff training
Evergreen strictly implements its quality management system and offers professional quality management training to its staff in the following aspects:
- Inspection of packaging
- Visual inspection
- Standard operation in warehousing and transportation
- Performance testing
Quality Inspection Procedure
In full compliance with ISO9001:2008 management standards, Evergreen carries out strict visual inspection to ensure that it has received original goods from manufacturers with original packaging, and performance testing to see whether the functions of the electronic components can meet their specifications.
Electronic components received —> Inspection of packaging —> BOM details checked —> Visual inspection —> Performance testing —> Result of inspection approved
After-sales service
Evergreen has established long-term partnership with designated carriers so that the goods transit process can be easily tracked. Clients can exchange their purchase within 30 days from the date of purchase if there’s any quality problem.
There will be technical support from a third-party electronic component testing center.
Environmental Policy

Evergreen supplies electronic components to numerous famous enterprises throughout the globe. One of the key points of Evergreen’s quality policy is that the company will be dedicated to providing its clients with eco-friendly products which do not contain harmful elements such as Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr6+, PBDE and PBB, living up to the environmental policy in all regions. Evergreen can detect nonconforming products and offer electronic components which are lead-free and in full compliance with RoHS, thus contributing to the final eco-friendly products of its clients.

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