As a leading distributor of electronic components, we have cooperated with numerous manufacturers and agents on favorable terms.We attach great importance to the accumulation of experience, technology and market information and offer all-round services to clients based on our professional knowledge. We have maintained steady business cooperation with over 3,000 leading clients throughout the globe, thus always staying ahead in the industry.

In the electronic manufacturing industry, in which the production cycle is pretty tight, material shortage will lead to production delay and thus result in direct and potential losses. A great many manufacturers will first turn to Evergreen when confronted with material shortage.

Based on its professional information system, Evergreen distributes products on more than 3,000 electronic component manufacturers and offers all-round services for over 2,000 clients from three continents. Our professional teams, together with our mature logistics system, ensure prompt and safe delivery of goods.

Since date of foundation, Evergreen has been dedicated to providing clients with reliable and quality electronic components. Our ISO9001:2008 certified management system ensures effective quality management of our entire operating procedure from supplier qualification, to material inspection, to warehousing, and to logistics, in a bid to honor our commitment to quality. 


Evergreen has accumulated considerable experience in joint purchasing by cooperating with large-scale EMS factories. We can offer our clients lower purchase prices through joint purchasing so as to reduce their costs. We have been dedicated to engaging more clients in our joint purchasing to enjoy the benefits thereof. If you are interested in this plan, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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